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Inter Israel offers in-house proprietary market research for its clients. Our market research includes a comprehensive analysis of the real estate sector, including the state of the market, market trends, future forecasts and other relevant information. Our research can be significant to the decision making process of our clientele and is an inseparable portion of our real estate consulting services.


Market Research In Israel - Updated research every Half Year


Every 6 months, Inter Israel’s analytical team releases updated research on Israel’s real estate market, including an overview of market trends, updates on business and commercial real estate, expected market developments, rental prices and more. Our research is distributed to Inter Israel’s clientele and dedicated subscribers and contains relevant and useful insights, a better understanding of market conditions, exposure to new opportunities and projects, and increases our clientele’s ability to make sound investment decisions, understand asset values in relation to the market and act optimally.


With us, you will always remain informed


With our quality analytical team, years of experience in business real estate and our affiliation with international leader Cushman & Wakefield, we have access to a wide knowledge base at our fingertips. This is why research at Inter Israel is considered the best in its field and our clientele are provided with the most updated and exact information available.


Market Research in Europe


As Israel’s leading business and commercial real estate consultancy, Inter Israel provides its clients with a comprehensive property location service for acquisitions, leasing or investments, matching each client’s needs, as well as assisting in projects, including proprietary market research in Israel and overseas, for completing each project’s needs. In addition to quarterly reviews of Israel’s real estate market, Inter Israel carries out proprietary analysis on locations worldwide on client demand, mapping out needs and investment preferences for the desired geographical market.


A feasibility assessment for every potential investment


As Cushman & Wakefield’s exclusive representative in Israel, Inter Israel has access to up-to-date and detailed information of various real estate markets worldwide as well as access to consultants, real estate companies and developers globally. We carry out private market research for our clients who are interested in countries in Europe and who need to understand the local market environment and opportunities and the hidden costs for local investments.

As part of our research, Inter Israel’s analytical team does a thorough review of market conditions, property prices in the desired area, occupancy rates, and the necessary terms and conditions for establishing a new business or for joining an existing project, and can also provide an investment forecast based on deal flow, building starts and developer plans under review. The results of our research assists our clientele in understanding the economic and business environment of the local market, receiving an evaluation of the opportunities for achieving a high yield on an investment - and to act accordingly.


If you are in need of market research, assistance or consultations for all aspects of business and commercial real estate in Europe or the United States, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

Market Research in the United States


Many developers are interested in possible investment opportunities in the United States, but this should not be treated as one unified region – the United States is a large country with many differences from region to region which is true also for the local real estate market. Properties, prices, demographics, and market drivers can change from one place to another – changes which can be highly significant when assessing local investment opportunities.

Even a high level of familiarity with the real estate market in a specific city or state in the United States does not necessarily provide the proper insights for understanding the investment opportunities available in other cities or states. Therefore, before any investment or involvement in a real estate project in the United States, it is important to check each opportunity thoroughly.  


Providing all the necessary information for investing or developing in the United States


Inter Israel’s research team analyzes each designated area for investment opportunities and provides clear and pinpointed information to the developer or investor: prices, occupancy rates, local trends and future expectations. We provide our clients with the most up-to-date information and data so as to differentiate between different potential opportunities and empower our client to make the correct investment choices.

In addition to carrying out market research for the United States, Inter Israel provides individually-tailored real estate consulting services and property location services for its clients as well as assistance in real estate projects and investments for companies, organizations, and developers in Israel and worldwide.


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