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Inter Israel offers real estate assessment services for properties in Israel and worldwide, in collaboration with leading offices in Israel who bring expertise in real estate tax planning and asset valuation for banks and courts. Our assessment service department works with market leaders and assists in development projects sourced from leading Israeli developers. Inter Israel highly professional approach and top tier assessment services are an integral component of our successfully assisting commercial and business real estate projects.


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Our Appraisal services include:


  • An initial survey for project feasibility.
  • Assessment services and project management for construction companies.
  • Property valuations for banks, mortgages or asset receiverships.
  • Audit for property valuations.
  • Valuations according to IFRS Standard 16
  • Assessments for release and rezoning of land, and extensions for agricultural villages (Moshavim)
  • Representation to planning committees and local councils in relation to betterment tax assessments, expropriations, mergers and subdivisions, lowering valuations, tender applications and more.
  • Submitting appeals on land appreciation tax assessments, improvement levies, settlement fees, and capitalization fees or permit fees with the Israel Lands Authority.
  • Consultation and court representation in relation to the release and rezoning of land.
  • Valuations for privatization of communal land.
  • Preparation of expert opinion in relation to construction defects or declines in property values.
  • Assessment of agricultural land for damages.