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Inter Israel provides commercial and business real estate consulting services in Israel and worldwide.


Our services cover all aspects of a property deal, whether meant as an investment or for occupancy by our client. We provide a full range of consulting services, starting with mapping out client needs to identification of the most suitable property, assisting in closing the deal, and preparing and finalizing the property for occupancy or for marketing for sale or rent. We assist our clients throughout the acquisition process, applying our 40 plus years of market experience, a unique knowledge base of the market, a strong global network and  a deep understanding of shifting real estate market dynamics.


Assisting in real estate transactions in Israel and worldwide


Our consulting services are appropriate for both Israeli and international companies, and, in thanks to the extensive global presence of Cushman & Wakefield, we are also able to help our clients locate suitable properties outside of Israel. With our focus on commercial real estate, we can help companies and businesses interested in properties for the purpose of  either occupancy or as an investment, as well as developers who sell and rent properties in Israel and worldwide. We offer the advantage of identifying the most appropriate deal, whatever side of the transaction our client is on, and facilitating the right connection between both parties in the transaction.

At Inter Israel, we make our client’s needs and desires our first and primary concern.


If you are interested in receiving expert real estate consulting service for your company or organization, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Our real estate consulting services to companies and organizations include:


  • Mapping out the short and long term needs of the company.
  • Assessing property value, payment terms and building a suitable budget.
  • Locating alternative properties that match the company’s needs and fit the proposed budget, and choosing the most suitable alternative.
  • Manage negotiations with the property owner, preparing the contract and completion of the transaction.
  • Planning and managing the relocation of the company to the new property as efficiently as possible, minimizing the effect of daily management.


Larry Garner

Senior Director

Global Occupier Services

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