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Office Market Review - H1 2019

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We are excited to release our InterNews issue for the first half of 2019.

In the current issue you will find;

After the stabilization seen in Tel Aviv's rents in previous half, in the first half of 2019 there was an increase in both rents and occupancy rates. A significant jump recorded in the Yigal Alon axis, which after several years of stability, average rents there rose by around 10%.

In the Business Centers in Central Israel, a number of changes were seen; slight increases in Netanya, Kfar Saba, Petah Tikva and Rosh Ha'ayin, against declines in other areas. The sharpest and most surprising decline observed was in Herzliya, with rents falling to around ILS 92 per sqm., compared with ILS 99 per sqm. in the previous half.

Inter Israel’s investment funds continue to expand and after three years of exploring opportunities in the Spanish market, three investments were made in this market within surveyed period.

Adv. Shai Adulam provides insight for commercial real estate investors regarding real estate transactions’ due diligence.


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Yoram Blumenthal
Co Managing Partner

Office Market Review - H2 2018

Dear readers,


We are pleased to introduce our InterNews  for the second half of 2018.


The past year was a fruitful year for us; we experienced a significant increase in our activity scope and continued to expand our quality team. The New Year is fraught with challenges and we believe will lead to continued expansion in Israel and overseas, while effectively use Cushman & Wakefield worldwide.


Under Project Marketing Services, the department is currently leading, inter alia, the marketing of the Adgar C tower in Tel Aviv, Stratasys 2 Building in Rehovot, Shufersal office complex in Netanya and in Rishon Letzion, we recently launched the marketing of the weTube project.


In our latest issue you will find:

Inter Israel's Investments Department continues to locate qualitative opportunities for our investors in Israel, and after three years of examining opportunities in the Spanish market, we are in the midst of two investments in Spain.

Tel Aviv's CBD: After the decline observed in the previous half, after 9 years, rents are stabilizing! The Menachem Begin axis maintains the first place with the highest rents in the city.

Employment Zones: In current half rents were stable in most areas, excepts from Hod Hasharon, where the highest increase was recorded.

Studential Dormitories: a "real estate hazard" in the past; an entrepreneurial treasure this days.


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Half Yearly Review - H1 2018

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Attached is our latest InterNews – Office Market Overview for the first half of 2018.


  • Tel Aviv: After 9 consecutive years of rent increases in office space, for the first time there has been a stabilization and even a minor decrease in average rents, with Menachem Begin taking first place with average rents of ILS 112 per square meter; Replacing Rothschild Boulevard which held the premiere for many years.


  • Inter Israel's investment funds are expanding: In the first half of the year, Inter Israel, together with investors, acquired two income-producing properties in Israel. At the same time, exercised the land in the Diamond Exchange Compound in Ramat Gan.


  • Employment zones: Surprising changes were observed! Ben Gurion Airport with a rise, first time in three years.


  • Office design with customer-oriented thinking and the FOOD HALLS trend which gains momentum in the US.


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Half Yearly Review - H2 2017

Dear Readers,

Attached is our updated InterNews issue - Office Market Review for the second half of 2017.


  • Central Tel Aviv: Our research department found a peak in occupancy rates, which stood at about 320,000 square meters this half, compared with an annual average of 110,000 square meters! This figure, in addition to the rental prices figure respectively, have shatter early forecasts!


  • A new study by Cushman & Wakefield talks about 65 million square meters of office space expected to be built by 2019 in major cities around the world. How will the rents be effected and what will happen in Tel Aviv?


  • Appraiser Ofer Odels, owner and director of business development and consulting at Odeles Keinan Cohen, in a fascinating article on yield rates.


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Yoram Blumenthal,

Partner at Inter Israel