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As part of the new strategic approach of Beer Sheva and its transformation into an innovative business center, the O-Tower project is currently under development. The project is planned as an office Tower allowing multi-purpose applications such as; Hotels, medical services, laboratory, retail, display and more. O-Tower is an innovative, advanced office tower with a unique architectural design, portraying the new spirit of the city and making the vision into a reality.


O-Tower - innovative office tower that contains all the benefits of a Business Center


  • Located on Rager Boulevard, the main avenue and the heart of the city's main business area
  • Encompassing 16 floors, approx. 1,000 sqm each.
  • Parking levels for about 350 vehicles
  • Featuring a high quality boutique hotel
  • Business lounge that will include meeting rooms, operating 24/7
  • Chef Restaurant
  • Luxurious spa center and swimming pool
  • Retail floor facing the Blvd.

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Project features

Located at 18 Yitzhak Rager 1Blvd., The City's main avenue and business core, also housing the municipal services of Beer Sheva. Alongside the Government Complex Building, courthouses, Social Security and the Beer Sheva Municipality.


Supportive business environment - All branches of banks, restaurants, post office, supermarkets, pharma etc. surround the tower and provide solutions to the needs of all it's residents.


The tower located near Soroka Hospital, Assuta Hospital, Ben-Gurion University, Israel Chemicals headquarters and the Jewish Agency, within walking distance of Beer Sheva's Central Train Station and Central Bus Station.


The tower will be built with the highest standards and will incorporate:

  • Advanced technological infrastructures
  • Luxurious lobbies
  • Modern design in accordance with the principles of green building and in accordance with Standard 5281, providing a reference for energy efficiency and use of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Planning flexibility iinorde to meet customer needs


Haim Toronto

Senior Consultant

Office & Logistics department

Phone: +972-3-6214013