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The Gav-Yam Negev Park is located at the heart of a new urban area that has created a clear link between Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the IDF’s Technology Campus. Its concentration of hi-tech and R&D-oriented companies, organizations, and academic research distinguishes it as a leading center for all manner of technology and research in the world.


The park’s city location makes it immediately accessible to all those residing in the surrounding neighborhoods, including tens of thousands of university students and the thousands of IDFtechnology expertswho will serve at their new Technology Campus. In this way, the park will not only become a focus for business activities, but also for vibrant entertainment and leisure opportunities, thus creating a unique and stimulating work environment.


As an encouragement for high-tech companies to arrive at Beer Sheva, a number of important actions were taken:

  • The area was set as a priority area A.
  • Benefit programs and tax grants were established by Industry and Trade Office and the chief scientists office - individually tailored to each company.
  • A special Municipality tax area was granted to the park.
  • An option for University research integration by commercial companies was set in place.
  • An ability to raise student work was implemented - at Ben Gurion University there are more than 20,000 students studying technology, engineering and computer science.


Today, the first building in the park employs over 1,000 engineers and among the companies operating from it are Lockheed Martin, Elbit, EMC, Deutsche Telecom, Oracle, JVP's cyber greenhouse and more. In addition, IBM recently announced it would set up a cyber-research laboratory In collaboration with the Ben-Gurion University. This is a unique park of national importance that attracts the interest of the largest high-tech companies operating in Israel.
Construction of the second building is now in its final stages and the building is to be populated by RAD, AudioCodes, the National Cyber headquarters for the State of Israel, and others.


The Ministry of Defense is going to set up in the park an IDF information center in charge of the IDF's move to the Negev. The center will coordinate the complex issue of career transition and moving the various units to the south: The IDF's ICT units will relocate to the park as part of the IDF general relocation, and will be situated in the Telecommunications Technology campus, expected to contain about 5,000 soldiers - the DF will occupy 50% of the complex with various ICT units such as MAMRAM, Lotem, the IDF School of computers, which were the main growth engine of the high-tech industry in Israel. The ICT campus is at an advanced PQ stage and the construction work is expected to begin in the first half of 2016.


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About the property


  • Location:Adjacent to the Ben-Gurion University and the Beersheva North train station.
  • Size: 200,000 sqm (the largest park of its kind in the country).
  • R&D science & technology business park.
  • 23 office buildings, totaling 200,000 sqm of built office space, retail shops and a convention center and hotel
  • Custom made buildings to suit needs
  • Adjacent to rail station, connecting Tel Aviv to Beersheva in less than an hour
  • Governmental incentive packages, tax relief and grants
  • The Park will be situated in a 500,000 sqm project that includes the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) 200,000 sqm high-tech telecommunications R&D base and a park that  comprises 100,000 sqm


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