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An advanced compound combining employment, convention centers, restaurants, cafes and shops.


The Atir-Yeda area is located in the eastern part of the city of Kfar Saba. Today, the area is characterized by the construction of new office buildings encompasing 5-6 floors and used by various high-tech companies. (Advice, SanDisk, Yael systems, etc.) This is a unique area that combines entertainment and commercial complexes and houses many high-tech companies.


The OSHIRA office complex is located at the entrance to Atir Yeda Street with access to the main roads - Highway 6 in the East, Highway 531 that connects Highway 6 with Ra'annana, Route 40 (Elishema Interchange).
The complex is also situated near Hod Hasharon and Kfar Saba train station  and there is a shuttle bus from the train station under planning by the city along side public transport already serving the area.


The O-tech complex has become the next attraction site complementing employment and commercial areas in the Sharon, such as Herzliya Pituah and Ra'anana. These estimations are based on a number of key factors such as access to transportation, a minority of new projects in existing compounds, considerations of cost (including taxes), design, the importance of the compound to the welfare of residents and workers, the momentum of residential construction (Kfar Saba, Petah Tikva, Hod Hasharon, etc.) and population and housing by tenants of high socioeconomic status.


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About the property

The tower, designed by the MYS Architects, enjoys full access to all the main transporattion routes, urban and inter-urban, and is located in proximity to public transport and a train station.


The office areas are designed primarily for high-tech, totaling about 60,000 sqm with covered parking areas.


The complex is designated to be built, in part, above the roof of the existing "power center", creating a complete separation of commercial space from office areas, including but not limited to, separate parking areas, a dedicated entrance lobby, etc. The second part of the employment complex will consist of an office tower.


The office floors in the O-Tech comlex are characterized by optimal planning that include a large surface area and screen walls so that each office has a window letting in natural light and overlooking the stunning and soothing rural vistas.
The road to the office floors is through a garden floor featuring well-tended gardens, ornamental trees, cafes, dining rooms and a conference center that will serve the offices.


Haim Toronto

Senior Consultant

Office & Logistics department

Phone: +972-3-6214013