About us

Inter Israel, founded in 1973, is Israel’s most veteran commercial real estate services consultancy.


The Company offers a wide array of services that encompass tenant representation, transaction management, and project marketing and management. Our team can assist at all stages of an asset transaction cycle for locating the ideal property, whether for purchase, for leasing or as an investment, while employing the latest market information and trends, to make the right match between the sensitive needs of our clients and the property specifications.

Inter Israel exclusively represents Cushman & Wakefield in Israel. Cushman & Wakefield is a leading real estate consultancy with over 250 offices in 58 countries. Our alliance with Cushman & Wakefield, accompanied by over 40 years’ experience and network creation, gives us the right tools to deliver the best services and meet the high standards that are a prerequisite for successful business and commercial real estate transactions.


Know-how, Experience and Expertise

Inter Israel has an established reputation for excellence and reliability as well as a set of unique research tools that are applied to benefit its team and clientele. The Company has in recent years developed into a vital force attending the rapid and steady growth of Israel’s business and commercial real estate market. Our team has assisted hundreds of corporations, organizations and businesses in finding and establishing individually tailored projects, following through on marketing and consultations every step of the way, until the successful occupancy of the project.


Working with the Best


We have assisted hundreds of business and commercial property transactions. Our clients include international giants such as Intel, Nokia, Nestle, Motorola, Teva, HP and IBM; banks and investment houses such as Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, HSBC and Goldman Sachs; foreign embassies and many other organizations. 


If you are searching for a professional real estate consultancy, that can find you an exact match to your needs - we can help . To join our extensive list of satisfied customers, please contact us today.

In business and commercial real estate, we believe each client has his own unique image and we work with them to find the best fit and most suitable property.


Inter Israel leads Israel’s business and commercial real estate market with an incomparable understanding of the market, years of hands-on experience, and an alliance with global leader Cushman & Wakefield. Our alliance with Cushman & Wakefield enables us to deliver top tier services worldwide to large companies as well as smaller companies and businesses. Each and every one of our clientele benefits from our wealth of experience, up-to-date in-house market data and analysis, widespread contact network, and above all else – our ability to discover the ideal balance between local needs and the global corporation. Our professional dedication to our clients means that we continue to provide our services for the long-term, strengthening our relationships over years of building their businesses, and take a significant part in facilitating their success in Israel and abroad.


Our Services


  • Tenant representation
  • Realtor services – property location and marketing
  • Investments in income yielding properties
  • Marketing of properties
  • Industry and logistics – marketing
  • Identification of properties for acquisition in Israel and worldwide
  • Sale of properties in Israel and worldwide
  • Value assessment and market research and analysis
  • Asset management



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